Academy today 1Buryat State Academy of Agriculture is the oldest higher education institution in Buryatia and the first agricultural higher education institution in the Baikal region. Today it is the East-Siberian center of integration of agricultural education, science and production companies.

OUR MISSION is to promote knowledge and train top-ranked specialists - future leaders, who are able to provide a wise exploitation and management of natural, biological and socio-economic systems on the basis of integration of science and practice, implementation of innovations in cooperation with the society to improve the quality of life and provide a sustainable development of rural areas.


ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE - share and expand knowledge, promote critical thinking, stimulate innovation and inspire life-long learning.

STUDENT-CENTERED – focus on students’ academic, social and economic needs.

COLLABORATION - support freedom of inquiry and expression, respect others, encourage team effort and cooperative spirit to attain great results. Foster ethical behavior and respect others as it is stated in the “Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct for the academic staff, employees and students of all the degrees of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture”.

COMMUNITY - nurture social, economic and environmental well-being and advance the public good.

OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS - empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

HONESTY - foster integrity, and promote responsibility and professionalism.

Academy today 2In 2015 and 2016 the Academy successfully passed the procedure of the state's accreditation and licensing of educational institutions and now it works on the basis of a lifetime license. The Academy actively cooperates with the leading Russian agrarian universities, the Russian Academy of Science and a number of international organizations in the field of agriculture, ecology, education, science and culture. Thus, in 2013 the Academy became a member of the Association for European Life Science Universities and the University of the Arctic.

The Academy now comprises 6 departments - of Veterinary Medicine, Technology, Agronomy, Engineering, Economics and Humanities. Besides there are 3 institutes – of Land, cadastre and soil reclamation, of Linguistics and Intercultural communication, Institute for continuing professional education. The Academy also has 1 branch in Aginskoye of Zabaikalskiy region and a college of post-secondary education in Ulan-Ude. Other structural units are: Center of Landscape gardening and design, Veterinary clinic, Center of Career-guidance, Testing Laboratory Center, Logistics Center, Educational and Scientific Center of Innovations and a Laboratory of Solar, hydro and wind energy.

Academy today 4Today 60 professors holding the degree "Doctor of Science" and 241 associate professors with the degree "Candidate of Science" (PhD) work at 38 chairs, research centers and laboratories of the Academy.

The Academy is implementing a continuous training system for academic, research and teaching staff: from secondary schools and colleges to university education, post-graduate studies and the doctorate (fellowship for the Doctor’s degree).

Nowadays Buryat State Academy of Agriculture offers 23 bachelor degree programs, 1 specialist degree program in veterinary science, 8 master programs, 4 specialist programs at the college of post-secondary education. The Academy delivers postgraduate in 21 disciplines for the “Candidate of Science” degree and for the “Doctor of Science” degree. The Academy has 3 dissertation councils for 4 academic disciplines. We ensure our programs constantly evolve to meet the needs of our graduates and the communities they serve. Many departments of the Academy carry out applied and innovative research.

Among graduates of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture there are now many outstanding academicians, ministers of the republican government, reputed scientists, heads of enterprises and experts employed in various industries in Russia and abroad.

Academy today 3

The infrastructure of the Academy includes 4 main blocks, 5 comfortable student residence halls, a well-equipped sport center with a grand stadium, education-and-recreation center at the Lake Baikal with a number of guest houses and a conference hall, guest houses both in the resort zone Arshan in a picturesque valley of the Tunka region and the resort zone Kuka in Zabaikalskiy region.

With its talented and motivated student body and accomplished faculty, the Academy is recognized as a leading agricultural higher education institution.

It is also one of the largest universities in Siberia and Russia’s Far East.