History1Buryat State Academy of Agriculture is the oldest higher education institution in Buryatia and the first agricultural higher education institution in the Baikal region. It was founded, as the Agro pedagogic institute in 1931 to meet Buryatia’s higher education needs. The Institute opened with one building, a library, eleven professors and 46 students – and a goal to develop agricultural science in Buryatia. In 1934 the Veterinary Department started to work and in 1935 the Institute was named into Buryat-Mongolian Zooveterinary Institute. In the early 1940s the Institute was rather small: the overall number of students was about one hundred.

When the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) broke out, the director of the Institute Alexander Ivanov, professors and students went to the battlefield. In December, 1941 the activity of the Institute was terminated. In commemoration of the fallen professors and students of the Institute in the Great Patriotic War the stele was erected in front of the main building of the modern Buryat State Academy of Agriculture. The names of the fallen students and professors are engraved on it.

In 1944 the Institute opened its doors to students again. In the times of the post-war hardships the Institute’s facilities were being restored. In 1949 a hundred of students were admitted in the first year.

In 1950-1960s the Zooveterinary Institute grew into a large education institution which trained specialists in all branches of agricultural sector. New departments, degrees and majors were proposed at the Institute: Department of Agronomy (1952), Agricultural engineering Department (1961), Department of Economics (1962). The department of Technology, opened at the Institute in 1955, gave birth to an independent higher educational institute. Now it is one of the four universities in Buryatia – East-Siberian State University of Technology and Management.

History 2In 1960 Buryat-Mongolian Zooveterinary Institute was named into Buryat Institute of Agriculture. In 1995 Buryat Institute of Agriculture received a status of the Academy as the result of the governmental accreditation procedure of educational institutions. In 1998 by the Decree of the Government of Buryatia the Academy was named after V.R. Philippov – an outstanding alumnus of the Veterinary Department of the Institute, a towering scientist and public figure, a long-standing director of the Institute who contributed a lot to the development of the higher education institution. In 2003 the Department of Humanities started its work. In 2005 the Institute of land management, cadastre and soil reclamation as well as the Institute for continuing professional education were proposed.

In 2002, 2008 and 2009 three Dissertation Committees were confirmed at the Academy by the decision of the State commission for academic degrees and titles of Russian Federation.

Today, Buryat State Academy of Agriculture is a large higher education and research institution that trains a wide range of specialists.