The Academy’s tremendous history of pride and spirit has been reflected throughout the decades with various events and programs. So, dear students and incoming fellows, join in, have fun, and become a part of Buryat State Academy of Agriculture’s events and traditions.

Embrace the history of the Academy and take part in a number of our traditional events throughout the year. We are always looking for new ideas and new students. Bring your friends along and join in the fun of keeping these rich traditions alive at the Academy.

We encourage all the students to engage in a great variety of events celebrating culture, sport, academic endeavor, and just plain fun.

The following are a few of our biggest traditions and largest events: "Annual students' talent show", traditional Boxing, Volleyball and Sambo tournaments, celebration of Lunar New Year "Sagaalgan", Russian folk holiday "Maslenitsa", "V-Day" and many others.

You will experience a lot more during an academic year!