Buryat State Academy of Agriculture invites you to visit the education-and-recreation center “Kolos” at the Lake Baikal, guest houses both in the resort zone Arshan in a picturesque valley of the Tunka region and the resort zone Kuka in Zabaikalskiy region.

The education-and-recreation center “Kolos” is located on the southern coastline of the Barguzin bay, Lake Baikal - one of the most popular destinations for a number of locals and tourists. It has a variety of guest houses and a conference hall on the shore of the legendary Lake Baikal. With the shores of the lake so close, you are never tired of fantastic scenery, beautiful sunsets, a stunning coastline and leisure activities: yachting, sunbathing and swimming, biking and hiking and many others.

Recreation base “Arshan” is located near a famous balneologic health resort in a wonderful Tunka region of Buryatia. The area is also famous for its incredibly beautiful nature, ancient woodlands and forest, picturesque valleys, mountains and simply stunning picturesque views. One the musts here are: a well-known “Crystal lake” nearby and a number of mineral springs which have a great healing effect.

Recreation base “Kuka” in Zabaikalskiy region offers a great opportunity to improve your health with the help of numerous mineral hot springs. Here you will also enjoy the beauty of the unique nature, landscape and a calming atmosphere of the resort zone which is excellent both for leisure activities,  retreats and meditation.