Faculty of veterinary medicine holds a leadership position in academic veterinary medicine of the region. It delivers programs addressing treatment, control, prevention and surveillance of animal diseases to the benefit of the local livestock industry, other animal owners and a society. The faculty is dedicated to excellence in research, educational programs and professional service. This is done through: cutting-edge case-based curriculum that trains researchers and practitioners in veterinary medicine and biomedical science; the work at a number of laboratories (histological, pathoanatomical, virological, physiological, and parasitological) where experiment models of animal and human diseases are created and new methods of their treatment and prevention are worked out. At the veterinary clinic there is a surgery and therapeutic cabinets where students under supervision of the staff hone their professional skills.

Specialist’s Degree Program:

  • Veterinary doctor

Academic Programs for Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Veterinary and sanitary expertise