Activity of the Office of Research and Innovations started in 1971 with Research sector. In 1993 it grew to Research Department and in 2008 it was reorganized into the Office of Research and Innovations. The Office of Research and Innovations coordinates applied and innovative research carried out by a number of departments of the Academy.

The activity of the academic staff is aimed at:

  • the development of research and improvement of research efficiency;
  • the acceleration of research results implementation into production and educational process;
  • the further development of research in the best interests of the educational process;
  • the involvement of the researchers of the Academy into the process of solving the problems of the Baikal region and the country.

Research is made in the following areas of focus:

  1. Systems of agrarian land tenure and forestry.
  2. Sustainable use of land and water resources.
  3. Resource-saving technologies in production of agricultural products and agro processing on the basis of sustainable use of aboriginal and stud cattle genofond.
  4. Monitoring of the epizootic welfare of the territories and the provision of the quality and general safety of livestock product.
  5. Improving the efficiency of engineer-technician system and resource-saving technologies in the industrial agriculture.
  6. Targeted approach to the development of industrial agriculture and the development of rural areas.
  7. Preserving culture and traditions of indigenous people.
  8. Development of educational and research activities in the process of international cooperation, fostering the academic mobility of the academic staff and students.


  1. Department of Innovations
  2. Department of Postgraduate Studies and the Doctorate
  3. Department of Patent and License activity
  4. Department of Students’ Research
  5. Laboratory of Research and Innovative Technologies
  6. Testing Laboratory Center
  7. Educational and Scientific Center of Innovations
  8. Board of Young Researchers


Olga Altayeva – Head of the Office of Research and Innovations
Ph.D in Agriculture, Associate Professor

670024, Russia, Ulan-Ude,
Pushkin street 8, office 227
Phone: +7 (3012) 44-13-89
Fax: +7 (3012) 44-21-33
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